A little history


Baby massage is an ancestral art that is still practiced in some cultures, such as India, where Vimala McClure, founder of the IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage), discovered this practice in 1973.




She then drew inspiration from Indian and Swedish massages, yoga and foot reflexology to develop a massage technique that is now taught in about 50 countries.

In France, the IAIM is represented by the AFMB (Association Française de Massage pour Bébé).




The objective of the IAIM is that every baby should have the opportunity to receive a healthy and nourishing touch from the beginning of his or her life.

Benefits for the baby...


Baby massage has many benefits, the first of which is to strengthen the bond between the baby and his masseur.

While massaging your baby, you observe him, discover his modes of communication and learn to respect the signs he sends you for a better complicity between you.


Thanks to massages, you can relieve your baby of colic, gas, constipation, dental pain, growth-related pain, etc. You can help her relax, improve her sleep and much more!


... and for parents !


For parents, massage allows them to create a special moment with their baby, to learn to understand him better. It helps to stimulate lactation, reduce the risk of postpartum depression and can help with father involvement.


You will be proud to be able to relieve your baby with your hands and your love!

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