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The sessions are conducted by Agathe LEBRETON, an instructor certified by the AFMB.

General information


The sessions are for all babies from 0 to 12 months of age, whether they are healthy, premature, disabled or hospitalized (if you have any doubts, talk to your doctor).

However, despite all the benefits of the IAIM program, massages remain above all wellness massages and not therapeutic massages.

Only parents or legal representatives (adoptive family, foster family,...) massage babies. The instructor demonstrates on a baby doll.


During the classes, you will be able to meet your baby's needs (rocking, feeding, changing,...).

Sessions process


The sessions take place over 5 sessions of 1h30 in groups or 1 hour individually, each spaced about a week apart.


They take place as follows:


  1. a few minutes of relaxation;

  2. learning new massage movements and reviewing those seen previously, according to the AFMB program;

  3. discussion on a theme around the baby and parenting (some examples: infant states of consciousness, crying, sleep, etc.).

Required material


The equipment you will need is a towel to install under your baby. Come dressed in a comfortable outfit, the massage is done on the floor on mats (possibility to adapt the installation if necessary).


During the sessions, you will receive a booklet explaining the massages and a bottle of massage oil.


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